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The online shopping trend worldwide continues to grow in all industries and all countries. In Europe alone in 2021, the revenue of e-commerse grew by 13 percent to 718 billion euros.

On the one hand, people have less and less free time, and on the other hand, global circumstances push e-commerce even further.

If you don’t offer your services and products online, we guarantee you’re losing hundreds of customers every year because they couldn’t find you. Don’t stay in the past and digitize your business with WD-7.

The advantages of online stores for the customer

It works 24 hours a day

Your clients can order whenever they want.

Better customer service

The risk of them getting poor service is minimal because most processes are automatic and optimized.

Saves time

Choosing one of 1000 products becomes much faster than being in a physical store.

They can compare easier

With a few clicks they can compare prices, conditions and functions of any product/service.

The advantages of online stores for the business

It works 24 hours a day

Your clients can order whenever they want.

No limits on what you sale

You can have tens of thousands of products on the internet to offer to everyone at the same time.


You can practically automate 90% of your business processes.

Easy lead generation

Your customers reach you with one click.

Customer service

You don't have to communicate with every single customer.

You save on rent

If you don't have physical stores, you don't have rent or utility bills to pay every month.

You save on employees

Without physical stores, you don't need a huge staff.

You have unlimited markets

Depending on your business, you can sell worldwide with one e-store.

How to start?

Regardless of what industry your business is in, e-commerce will continue to grow and become increasingly dominant in all sectors. It is up to you to develop your business and continue to be successful.

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