Google Ads Management

Why advertise on Google?

Since it is the best search engine in the world, it’s no surprise that many marketers want to promote their business using Google Ads.

Paid ads allow you to take your business growth into your own hands by putting your services and products in front of your customers. No more waiting for people to discover you organically. Instead, you reach your target audience faster and more efficiently.

Do you know which options to choose and how to make your advertising maximally effective without spending huge amount of money for testing?

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Why professional Google Ad Management?

When someone searches for a particular product, placing your ad on Google can help you make a sale before the competition.

That’s because 65.1% of people click on these ads when they’re in the market for certain products and services. 61.3% of them shop through their phones, which should be taken into account when creating ads.

Who wants to waste money and time trying to discover the hot water again? You want professionally made and optimized ads!

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Why choose us WD-7?

Experience and Innovation

Over 1,000 completed projects across three continents. We always find a way!


We implement neuromarketing rules and best practices in your projects and ad campaigns.

Direct communication

We are committed to complete transparency and honesty. These two qualities are our key to winning the trust and loyalty of our customers and partners.

International Team

Our team never stops innovating and coming up with new strategies.

Innovative technologies

Our best specialists create codes and technologies with which you will surpass your competitors many times over.

Absolute synchronicity

For a strategy to be successful, everything must be in full sync - SEO, Marketing, Ads, etc. Our team is an indivisible whole and has been working together for over 10 years.

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