SEO analysis

Analysis for your website or e-shop

Before SEO optimization for each site, an audit should be done. The goal is with the SEO analysis to identify all architecture, code, and meta bugs so that a strategy/plan can be created.

Some issues carry more penalties for the search engines and should be prioritized accordingly.

If your site has not been SEO optimized before, we guarantee that there will be a large number of critical errors.

What the SEO analysis look for?

In a word – everything. It starts with looking for code scripting errors, followed by architectural issues and crashes, 404s and 403s, meta data errors, media format and texts, and everything else.

The larger the site, the harder the audit. It should be done regularly, as errors often appear when different updates of different plugins, platforms and search engines collide. For small and medium-sized projects, it is recommended to perform an SEO analysis once a month, repair and optimization after it.

They trusted us

Why do an SEO audit?

It is best done before starting the SEO optimization in order to build a proper strategy.

It often happens that clients use the services of a company, but do not see the desired results or doubt the quality of what they are getting. Others start doing the SEO on their own and hit a dead end or even worse, as is often the case, they make mistakes and the whole thing backfire.

Our team will assist you with auditing and consulting, no matter what your problem is. Contact us directly!

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