SEO marketing

SEO, marketing and branding

You want your potential customers and users to associate you with certain qualities and phrases. Who are they? How do we choose them? Are they correct?

Marketing is a complex process that, through all means (from the color of your logo to the texts of your paid ads), must convey the same messages to your consumers. And this is where SEO optimization invariably comes in, which should be in tune with your overall strategy.

SEO marketing is a subset of digital marketing that involves the optimization of websites and web pages for major search engines like Google so your potential clients can find you.

Why is this important for my business?

In today’s world the competition for clients is very high while in the same time people have become immune to most conventional advertisements. Have you ever closed several pop ups and site without even reading a word? Exactly!

BUT natural traffic to your website behave differently. They want to find something and are willing to spend the time.

– from natural traffic, businesses convert 14.6% of visitors into customers, compared to paid traffic, whose percentage is 1.7%

– paid ads run as long as there is a budget, SEO is eternal and constant

– good SEO means more traffic, which means more sales

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