Website maintenance

Websites, e-commerce and app maintenance

Every project needs support regardless of its size. If your website is not up-to-date, firstly you will suffer search engine ranking penalties and secondly, visible bugs will start appearing very soon, which will lower the confidence of your potential customers in your services and products.

If you walk into a restaurant and everything is dirty and broken, you’re not going to have a very high expectation of the kitchen, are you? Most people will just go elsewhere.

The same goes for your site, store, or app.

Why is maintenance required?​

The Internet space is not a static environment, exactly the opposite – it is extremely dynamic and changing. Every day new programs and platforms appear, old ones receive updates, and very often these events cause software conflicts that affect your project.

That’s why you need monthly maintenance so that when a problem occurs, it can be quickly resolved without affecting your sales or customers. The longer you wait, the more problems accumulate until you need a new site.

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